About me

My name is Mike Bijl and I’m an ICT architect in the End User Computing (EUC) market in the Netherlands.

I have developed an architectural viewing point on ICT the last few years that mainly focusses on how to get results fast not less important in a sustainable way. That last point is a fashion word (I know) but I mean it in a technical way.

So what is the impact on my implementations on other people that might have to support this when I’m no longer in this position. That is what I think of being aware of “technical debt”. Because a lot of times taking a shortcut to a solution is cheaper in the beginning but will cost lots more at the end.

But besides that fluffy talk I really enjoy a couple of days working a beautiful structured Powershell script to make something possible which wasn’t before the script.

This seems conflicting, right?! Sometimes it is and that is why I love my job at Login Consultants.